Saphir Médaille d'Or Renovateur Suede Spray (250ml)

Size Guide
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown

This tinted suede spray will clean, recolour, nourish and waterproof suede or nubuck leather. Enriched with natural almond oil to keep the silky appearance of the skin. 

Best used with Omninettoyant cleaner for optimal results. The Suede Renovateur excels at conditioning the suede and nubuck, refreshing its nap, ensuring a smooth lustre and hand after use.

Remarks :

  • Aluminium container: unlike the majority of  products on the market, Saphir spray containers are made of aluminium to guaranty lightness and a perfect conservation in time:no leaks due to oxidation, andno alteration of the quality of the product, which  can be storedat home for several years