Shoe Repair

We offer a comprehensive range of Shoe Repair services for all shoes. FREE pick up and delivery service for all shoe repair services within Singapore for more than 3 pairs. For enquiries on prices and lead time, please contact us via +65 9191-3750 or email 


Top Lift Replacement 

Heel Block Replacement 

Metal Toe Taps Installation (Lulu/Triumph)

Vibram Half Rubber Installation (Half/Full)

JR Leather Sole Installation (Half/Full)

Heel Lining Patching 

Insole Replacement

Elastic Strap Replacement (Monk-strap/Boots)

Outsole Dyeing & Finishing 

Stretching of Shoes

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Mckay Resoling Services 

Goodyear Resoling Services

Hand-sewn Rewelting Services

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