Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Renovetine Spray

Size Guide
Medium Brown

Renovating solution for Suede and Nubuck.

Cleans, re-colours and waterproofs suede, nubuck and ‘tex' fabrics. Highly re-coloring formula, but also available in neutral. Replaces the Suede Nubuck. 

Remarks :

  • First, brush with the Sponge Suede Nubuck Saphir (see below)
  • Average use:  a 200 ml spray is sufficient to care for a pair of shoes several times. 
  • Use approx. 200 ml for a piece of clothing or per seat.
  • Afterwards, use theStop Color Saphir if necessary to avoid discharge.
  • We recommend to test the product on a hidden part. 
  • Aluminium container - unlike the majority of  products on the market, Saphir spray containers are made of aluminium to guaranty lightness and a perfect conservation in time: no leaks due to oxidation, and no alteration of the quality of the product, which  can be stored at home for several years.